What To Expect In Windows 12 And Windows 12 Pro
Expect In Windows 12 And Windows 12 Pro

What To Expect In Windows 12 And Windows 12 Pro

For decades, Microsoft has dominated the PC operating systems market through some version of Windows or another. Of course, there’s also MacOS. However, since that only works on Apple products, its market share is reasonably limited. Some people even go out of their way to install a distribution of Linux on their PCs, instead of going for the built-in Windows OS. But that demographic is even smaller.

So, with Windows being the most popular PC operating system in the world, you see more anticipation for updates and new releases than you would for most others.

The last major installment we saw in the Windows lineup was Windows 11, and let’s face it – Windows 11 is great. Windows 10 was already pretty good. But 11 took it to a new level with a more elegant interface, smoother UX, and a ton of new features for security and information management.

Plus, you get regular updates from Microsoft for patches and improvements. So, it keeps getting better and better. But, it’s been a few years and we’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting, with one question in mind… When will we get Windows 12?

The answer is simple, yet complicated. But for now, the fact of the matter is…

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But What To Expect From Windows 12

The glorious new update may not be here any time soon. But, you still get to hear about Windows 12 leaks, and insider info every now and then. Unfortunately, we still don’t have anything officially from Microsoft so far. But for what we do have, we can assume you’d get the following new features with your Windows 12 purchase once it’s out.

  • A Lot More AI
  • Renewed Interface

Since there are no direct updates from the official source, we simply don’t know what else there might be. Even industry insiders like Zac Bowden, don’t have a clear picture of the Windows 12 scenario since Windows 11 24H2 will be the last update of Windows for 2024.

That said, yes, you may see AI features more heavily integrated into many aspects of your traditional PC usage. In that sense, Co-Pilot might play a big role in the advancement of the Windows platform towards something more futuristic. Or they might come up with some other AI-based solution instead. Who really knows at this point, right?

But one thing’s for sure. Regardless of the major or minor updates, Microsoft has a history of pushing the Windows UI into a new direction with every major release. So, you might see a complete overhaul of the Windows 11 interface as we know. We don’t know for sure. But as Penny from The Big Bang Theory would say, “Not knowing is part of the fun” (… btw, no, that was not the motto of my community college).

The Painfully Obvious Delay Of Windows 12

Apparently, Windows 12 isn’t coming any time soon. One major reason for that is a shift in management. This happened supposedly because Mircosoft’s lead player of the Windows and Surface team, Panos Panay left the company in 2023 due to differences with higher-ups. 

This is speculated to have stranded the team on an abstract path that led to nowhere in specific. So, there was less clarity on what was to be done. The management then decided against a complete overhaul of existing systems in favor of general and major updates to existing Windows 11 releases. 

A primary reason for this decision seems to be that it’s easier to offer support for a single operating system or two, compared to three. So, for now, you stick with either 10 or 11.

We still have Windows 11 version 24H2

On a positive note, all is not doomed. Many features that were being speculated for the next Windows update might still be included in the Windows 11 24H2. Here’s a list of some of the things you can expect in your next Windows 11 update:

Copilot Integration

Since its investment in OpenAI, Microsoft has been looking for more and more ways to integrate AI across its products and services. So, you may see a lot more Copilot and AI in the 24H2 ugrade.

A Touch Of Linux

Linux mostly works on commands, while Windows mostly on clicks. But with the next update, Windows will allow you to run commands as an administrator via “sudo” like you’d do on a Linux terminal.

Wireless Webcam

You may also be able to turn your smartphone into your computer’s webcam. Will this feature actually be handy? Maybe. Maybe not. But it’s cool that you’d get the option to test this out if they allow it.

Better File Management

The Windows File Explorer is a trusted friend that helps you store, compress, and find files, except in 7Z and TAR formats. But now, you’d get support for these formats as well, among other optimizations.

So, What’s The Future Of Windows 12?

I’m sure you’re still as curious as I am. To be frank, who could say anything for sure? But I speculate that Microsoft won’t be rolling out 12 before they stop support for 10. Since support seemed to be a major concern in releasing a new operating system, I assume they want to wait out the end of Windows 10

Maybe they plan to release Windows 12 once 11 surpasses 10 by a large margin in terms of market share. Let’s be honest, many people are still on 10. So, that’s probably what’s holding them back. 

But assumptions are all we have at this point. Only Microsoft knows what’s to come for sure. But I think we all hope whatever they’ve planned comes out more like an XP, 7, or 10, instead of like a Vista or 8. Am I right?

Anyway, that’s all I have on the subject for now. Stay tuned for more informative blogs. You can also dive into many other interesting topics right here on Ron’s Blog

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