Fuel Your Fitness: Nutrition Tips with Alani Nu Drink
Fuel Your Fitness: Nutrition Tips with Alani Drink

Fuel Your Fitness: Nutrition Tips with Alani Nu Drink

Staying in shape is something everyone should prioritize.

The old folk weren’t joking around when they suggested health is wealth. It really is. You realize that very soon into your early 20’s. The better you feel, the more you can do, and if that goes away you’re stuck.

This can turn especially bad for foreign students and immigrants, and also… travelers and travelogers like myself. When you’re on the road, getting sick really sucks. You’re in a foreign place, generally surrounded by strangers who don’t speak your language. So, you usually have no friends or family to turn to. When you’re on your own, getting sick costs you ten times more than it normally would.

This is why, I always prefer to keep my health and fitness in check. It’s my way of telling my body I care, so it keeps up when we face tough times.

I believe regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and meditation are essential parts of a healthy lifestyle. But, I also like to support this care with energy drinks and protein shakes. One of my favorites is the Alani Nu brand.

Let’s talk about how Alani Nu products can support your workout regimen.

Empower Your Workout With Alani Nu

Alani Nu is a popular US-based fitness drinks brand. They’ve got a wide range of products aimed at helping people align their workouts with their desired results.

Some of their products include energy drinks, protein bars, and protein shakes. The fun thing about Alani Nu products is that they always put out a bunch of interesting new flavors that help you overcome the fact that you’re consuming them for health and not the taste.

Some of their most popular products include the Alani Nu Pre-Workout, the Alani Nu Pump, the Alani Nu BCAA, and the Alani Nu Energy Drink variant Witch’s Brew (WHICH is often misspelled as “Alani Nu Witches Brew”).

Let’s see how you can best use these with your workout regimen.

Alani Nu Pre-Workout

The pre-workout from Alani Nu is actually called Pre-Workout. Go figure. But, anyway, here are some tips to get the most out of it with your workout.

1 – Time It Right

Don’t gulp the pre-workout down 5 minutes before you get started. That’ll mess you up. Seriously, don’t do that. Take it instead around 20-30 minutes earlier on. That’s when the Pre gets you the best pumped for the workout.

2 – Don’t Overdo It

It’s better to avoid taking large amounts of pre-workout that your body might not be used to. I recommend starting with around half a scoop within 6-8 ounces (or around 225ml, or 3-quarters of a glass) of water. Once your body gets used to it, you can up the dosage to a full scoop.

3 – Up Your Water Intake

No matter what you eat or drink in a day, there’s no substitute for water. It’s the most important thing for your body, especially when you’re drinking caffeinated pre-workout drinks. So, don’t neglect to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Alani Nu Post-Workout

Post-workout is necessary to help you recover from muscle sores and fatigue. I’m going to consider you’re also going with the Alani Nu Whey Protein as your post, so we’re going to look at the best ways to consume that.

1 – Drink Immediately

Once you’re done with your daily routine, you need instant nutrition for a quick recovery. So, don’t wait an hour or a half. Just mix a scoop of the powder with around 6-8 ounces of water (or any other natural beverage) and drink it soon after you’ve finished. Trust me, your body will appreciate it.

2 – Adjust For Preference

It’s a pretty sweet mix. So, the taste can be overwhelming if you don’t have a sweet tooth. In that case, you may want to adjust the amount you consume if it doesn’t affect your recovery time.

3 – Support With A Meal

Staying healthy doesn’t mean you’ve got to starve yourself. So, support your post-workout with a nutritious meal. Get your trainer’s recommendation for a diet plan that fits your workout goals. It all works out.

But Why Alani Nu Instead Of Other Brands?

There are hundreds of fitness and nutrition brands out there. Good, bad, average, great, you get all kinds of varieties. So, what you consume has a lot to do with personal choice.

In that aspect, I sometimes like to go with Alani Nu protein shakes and drinks for the following reasons:

  1. I see it as a healthier option compared to other products in the market. I mean, it’s got a better concentration of vitamins and minerals. Plus, while Alani Nu products can be sweet, they’ve got no sugar.
  2. Secondly, it’s got tons of flavors for every product. If you don’t like one type of Alani Nu protein shakes, you can try tens of others. The same goes for energy drinks, pre-workouts, and other products. So, the choices seem endless.

But of course, there are still possible side effects. So, I wouldn’t recommend this to absolutely everyone. If it doesn’t help make you healthier, you should try another supplement that does. Let me know what worked out for you.

Train Right To Feel Right

You know, for the most part, I’ve been quite a supporter of Alani Nu energy drinks and other supplement products in this blog post. But unlike what you may think, they didn’t pay me for this. Although, maybe they should. If someone from Alani Nu’s marketing department’s reading this, let’s connect and make something happen.

For the rest of you, I’d like to share a bit of advice.

A new drink, at-home treadmill, or fancy shoes won’t help you get where you want to be, unless it’s you who puts in consistent efforts using the resources you have.

Instead of Alani Nu, you might get better results with Gatorade, or Prime. If you do, that’s great. You can still try the drink at some point outside your gym routine.

The key is to keep going no matter what until and unless you win.

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