What You Didn’t Know About Ghost Energy Drink
What You Didn’t Know About Ghost Energy Drink

What You Didn’t Know About Ghost Energy Drink

We live in a world of social media, AI, fake news, conspiracy theories, and actual conspiracies.

Being in front of screens all day long every single day, then throughout the night till the sunrise gets is an awful routine. But unfortunately, it’s become a common thing. As such, if you’re one of the victims of this pattern, you’ll notice an increase in your levels of stress, and fatigue even though it feels like you’ve barely done anything.

This is never a good look. The best way out is to limit your digital consumption. You should still engage in online banter, take courses, watch interesting things, and play your favorite games. But limit that to a few hours a day at max. Other than that, pick up your phone only when necessary.

And that’s step 1.

After that, you need to up your game towards a healthier lifestyle. That means working out, eating right, sleeping right, as well as working on your mental stability. One of the parts of that is also to change your drinking habits.

As in, switching from highly sweetened carbonated drinks to healthier drinks. There are many options in that category. Personally, I think I prefer water over anything else. But sometimes, you want something that tastes nice while also giving you a boost.

Enter, the Ghost Energy drink

Why I Like The “Ghost” Drink

Like anyone else, I like value for money, and I think I get that value when I pay for this drink. I mean that without any exaggeration. But here are some of the actual reasons I, along with thousands of others enjoy this drink for what it is.

The Spectacular Marketing

Seeing is believing, right? When you see a product being marketed by buff athletes and regular folk alike, how can you resist? In that sense, their marketing team does a good job of pulling you in.

Natural & Clean Ingredients

It’s a relatively healthier drink. I mean, it’s still a commercial product. So, you still shouldn’t drink it all the time. But the advantage of this one over others is mostly natural ingredients and no sugar.

The Ghost Energy Drink Flavors

Another attractive part is the options. There are many popular flavors to choose from. There’s the Ghost Sour Patch energy drink, Citrus, Faze Up, Warheads, and more. So, you’re bound to find one you like.

The Story Behind Ghost Energy Drink

The ghost drink wasn’t the first in the health-related beverages market. There were many available before it.

But at some point in the early 2010s, Daniel Lourenco and Ryan Hughes noticed there weren’t any energy drinks marketed for everyone equally instead of solely bodybuilders and athletes. So, they decided they should be the ones to fill this gap.

Come 2016, they launched Ghost with the vision of it being the first lifestyle sports nutrition brand. Today, they’ve partnered with Sour Patch Kids, Warheads, and Faze Clan, and released more products including electrolyte drinks, as well as pre and post-workout supplements.

The Ghost Energy Drink Ingredients: What Powers the Spirits Within?

Most ghost drinks share the same basic ingredients, differing mostly in taste. So, the following would be consistent for all their energy drink variants.

  • Natural caffeine: 200mg per can
  • L-Carnitine: 1000mg per can, an amino acid that helps the body convert fat into energy
  • 100mg Neurofactor™: A blend of natural ingredients that supports cognitive function and focus
  • B vitamins: 100% of the daily value of several B vitamins, which are essential for energy metabolism

You can verify these and view the drink’s additional nutritional information on the Ghost brand’s website.

How Does Ghost Energy Drink Work?

Good question! I don’t know too well since I’m not a food scientist. So, don’t take my exact word for it.

But, I can give you a rough idea. You see, the formula of the Ghost drink combines natural stimulants such as guarana, green tea extract, and ginseng for an improved sustained energy boost that doesn’t fade too quickly unlike energy drinks that are high in sugar and artificial ingredients.

It also has on a blend of ingredients like  as Alpha-GPC, NeuroFactor, and choline that can be found in some nootropics (cognitive enhancement supplements) but are not prevalent in most energy drinks. The purpose of these is primarily to simultaneously enhance the acuity and clarity of your thoughts.

Finally, there’s also AstraGin, which is supposed to improve the absorption of the other beneficial ingredients of the drink.


To Drink Or To Ghost?

As I mentioned earlier, I am not a food scientist neither a healthcare specialist. While its official promoters market it as a healthy energy drink, let me clarify it’s also my responsibility to let you know that… It is not an entirely safe beverage.

Essentially, it is another caffeinated drink that comes along with potential health risks you should think about as well. Incessant dosage may result in anxiety, high blood pressure, and cardiac issues.

Overall, it doesn’t matter whether you are an average person or a sportsman, moderation remains the vital point. Caffeine may not be your best friend if your body doesn’t like it. Another alternative may work better for you.

Regardless, your decision to buy Ghost Energy Drink should be an informed one. So, if you’re satisfied with my take on it, do your own research.

I might have missed something or made a bad assessment. If you see that as the case, please let me know in the comments section below. I highly value constructive critique and look forward to seeing what you have to say.

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Let’s be frank here. There’s no such thing as a “healthy” energy drink. All of them are made with high amounts of caffeine. So, you get a nice kick when you drink one, but it doesn’t last. But at the same time, Ghost energy drinks are free of sugar and artificial chemicals. Yet, some nootropics added to the drink may not be great for everyone. So, while they can be a relatively healthier option, it’s better to consume Ghost energy drinks in moderation.
Each can of Ghost contains about 200 mg of caffeine. To put that into perspective, that’s about as much as two cups of coffee. So, I wouldn’t recommend it for regular use if caffeine doesn’t suit you.
The main reason is the caffeine. The amount of caffeine in energy drinks isn’t safe for all adults either. These come with a risk of many health issues that kids might not be able to cope with. This is why drinks like Ghost aren’t meant for the young ones, regardless of how healthy they might seem.
The CEO of Ghost Lifestyle, the company that produces Ghost energy drinks, is Dan Lourenco.
As I mentioned earlier, it’s comparatively better than other energy drinks. But it still contains too much caffeine for regular consumption. So, if you suffer from something like heart disease or high blood pressure, I’d say it definitely is bad for you. The same goes for most other energy drinks. Plus, you wouldn’t like it if it causes you anxiety or sleeplessness. So, if you notice it messing with your health in any way, maybe avoid it altogether.
You may not feel it energizing you right away. But you can assume feeling its effects in around 10-20 minutes. It’ll give you the temporary pump you need for whatever. But you shouldn’t expect it to last hours on end. It should typically wear off in about an hour or so.
Probably not. Ghost drinks aren’t certified by any Jewish or Islamic authority. So, if you’re concerned about it being halal, you might want to consult your local cleric. You can otherwise check the ingredients to see if they suit your religious dietary recommendations.

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